Python_Strings. Medical_records_project

Hey guys! How do I get rid of the ‘$’ character from the list of insurance_costs

Look closely at lines 77 & 78.
Hint: What are you adding to the total?

yes, I have realized I am adding a string ‘$(some number)’ ,so that means it can’t be converted into float and thus not added to the total_insurance…and therefore my question, what string method to use to get rid of ‘$’ sign…?

I was hinting at something else.

On line 77, you have stripped '$' from the string and saved the result in the variable stripped_cost.
Yet on line 78, you have float(cost) instead of float(stripped_cost)

Oh I am sorry, wow it was a blunder…the code is executing and got my average value…Thank you so much for the hint :pray: