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I am attempting the extra work (task #22) in the Python Strings Medical Insurance Project. The task is this:

  • Write a for loop that outputs a string for each individual in the following format:
Marina is 27 year olds with a BMI of 31.1 and an insurance cost of $7010.0.Markus is 30 years old with a BMI of 22.4 and an insurance cost of $4050.0......

We already have separated out all of the relevant information into separate lists of: names, ages, bmis, insurance_costs.

My attempted code looks like this:

for i in names:
i = 0
print(names[i] + ’ is ’ + ages[i] + ’ years old with a BMI of ’ + bmis[i] + ’ and an insurance cost of ’ + insurance_costs[i] + β€˜.’)
i += 1

The output prints the same information ten times, all of it the information for indices[0]. Why is it not moving to the next indices when it prints? Any help would be great!

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Take a look at your for loop. What is the first thing that happens on each iteration of the loop?

I was having nightmare with this as well but I got it to work this way.

for i in range(len(names)):
name = names[i]
age = ages[i]
bmi = bmis[i]
insurance_cost = insurance_costs[i]
print(str(name)+ ’ is ’ +str(age)+ ’ year olds with a BMI of ’ + str(bmi)+ ’ and an insurance cost of '+ str(insurance_cost))

I am sure there is another way to use medical_record_clean list rather than separate lists on which we ended up on at the end of the project as well but I couldn’t get that to work.

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Not really sure what you’re trying to get me to see/understand with my first line el_cocodrilo, but apparently adding the range(len(names)) while deleting the counter did the trick and got each line to print correctly.

for i in range(len(names)):

  print(names[i] + ' is ' + ages[i] + ' years old with a BMI of ' + bmis[i] + ' and an insurance cost of ' + insurance_costs[i] + '.')

This code does the same job without having to do the name = names[i] part


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