Python - Strings and Console output - Correction: definition len( )

The definition of len(parrot) says “the output reveals the the number of letters in “Norwegian Blue”.” It actually reveals the number of letters and spaces, so I would just change that to the number of characters or letters and spaces. Norwegian Blue is 13 letters, the output is 14, so… yup. Fix that please!

parrot = "Norwegian Blue"
print len(parrot)

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Thank you for reporting the problem, we recognise this is a bug, however as it does not prevent users from passing the lesson and this is one of the older courses it is unlikely this bug will be fixed. Thank you for taking the time to inform us though, we would like everything to be fixed just as much as you would! :smiley:

Also note: the lesson text above the instructions correctly says:

Let’s start with len(), which gets the length (the number of characters) of a string!

but then messes up later:

On line 2, type len(parrot) after the word print, like so: print len(parrot). The output will be the number of letters in “Norwegian Blue”!

Awesome! Thanks for responding so quickly! :smile:

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