Python, Ruby, or PHP

Hey Codecademy Users! For those of you that do Python, Ruby, or PHP, which one should I do??

I am almost done with the JavaScript course, (just doing a quick review) then I wanna pursue one of those courses mentioned above. Which one should I pursue?? I would do every single one, but which one should I start with?

Hey Kat,

It really depends on what you want to do eventually. I recommend learning Python - it’s a great language that can be used to create very powerful (yet easy to understand) programs without that much effort.

What do you want to do eventually with code, though?


It depends on where you want to go.

I do Python because I am more oriented towards programming and software development.

If you’re interested in Web-Development then pick PHP first.

Ruby is also very nice if you use Rails.

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They’re all good languages to learn, but I’d go for Ruby or Python, then PHP.

Ruby: Ruby is wonderful for prototyping and has gems as well as rails, allowing for a ton of possibilities.
Python: Great community and support to develop a lot of things, games, web development…ect.

PHP: This language is generally considered bad as far as design goes, and I think is slowly losing popularity.

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hmm, idk. for now, I just wanna use it for fun, but I hope someday to make an app with it, or even to get a job that has to do with coding.

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@cadecodes Yeah, I’m probably gonna do Pthyon. thx for the suggestion! @tehluigi thanks for the feedback! I’m gonna go with Python! thanks again guys!:slight_smile:

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