Python RPS object not callable


Hi, I am getting this message, but I cannot find the problem. Can anyone help, please?


Given the other topic, i assumed you solved this one?


Not really, I just started the project from the beginning. So I still do not know why this one does not work. I am comparing and cannot find the error.


Your error message tells you that a list cannot be called.

Once you agree with that this isn’t something that can be done, keep reading that error message to see where you are doing it, then either stop calling your list or call something else (refer to what you meant to do instead) or, if you don’t know what you meant, then you better figure that out because there’s no point writing anything if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish


Hi, I tried to understand the mistake, but cannnot. I am completely new to programming, so I don’t really know how everything works. Sometimes, during the course, I just follow the instructions, and then try to understand why things are donde in this or that way. I have tried this time again, but cannot reach the solution. Can you please help?


then take time to google error message, to understand what they mean. Reflect on what you have learned, that is perfectly okay

If you need further help, please post:

your code
error message
exercise url
what you think went wrong
what you think should be changed and why (if possible)


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