Python Restaurant Problem

I was out of school sick for two weeks, and I strayed very far behind, I need help solving a problem, but I don’t want to seem like I’m just trying to get people to do my work for me. Can someone please explain to me how I can solve this? I have to take the I variables, and define the P functions, then print out the O results in separate lines.

For example

cost of meal = x
sales tax = x
tip = x
total = x

I: mealCost = 27.00
salesTax = 7.25
tipPct = 22.5
P: functions
O: bill with
cost of meal
sales tax
tip amount
tot cost of meal


Please write, in normal language + formula for

The meal cost is 27.00, the sales tax is 7.25, and the tip is 22.5, I must define the functions totsalestax tottip totmealcost with that information, and make the program, print out the cost of the meal, then the sales, then the tip amount, and finally the total.

Well i do not see the mathematical formulas …

I’m really lost, adding the tip would be easy I guess totmeal = meal + tip? But I’m confused on the tax part, and defining.

Hey I have this part done, but I’m still having some issues can you please help?