Python Reference Documentation?

Hello Experts,

As I started learning Python 3.0 and doing exercises, I’m facing one issue.

Every time, I try to do exercises, I don’t know where to look for syntax or references to write code.

Currently, I’m writing some complex Python functions with lists, and I need to refer to some syntax or Python documents all the time to refer to a clear way to write code. I normally do google, but that’s not efficient.

Do you recommend some links to Python docs/references/books refer to while writing code or doing exercises?

Appreciate. Thank you.

Start with, or search for python docs.


Sory mtf, but it’s waste of time. Need some better reference manual and quick reference to something.

It seems that you are quite experienced in Python or programming but for newbie like me, referring to doesn’t work well. I spend lot of time in searches.

It’s quite painful but Codeacademy doesn’t have ready reference available on their own to important concepts in Python. A kind of summary of important concepts learnt during each section of course.

Quite painful.

I agree and I keep going back to python-3-cheat-sheet just jog my memory of something.

Thanks rilaro. Sounds better. Let me check.

Bear in mind that cheat sheets generally imply prior understanding of concepts. It’s a workflow tool, not a learning tool.