Python recursion

In Python, I’m attempting to create a simple web crawler. The recursive aspect and profundity of this problem appear to be tripping me up right now.

def crawl(self,url,maxDepth):        


    text = crawler_util.textFromURL(url).split()

    for each in text:
        self._index[each] = url

    links = crawler_util.linksFromURL(url)

    if self._depth < maxDepth:
        self._depth = self._depth + 1
        for i in links:
            if i not in self._listOfCrawled:

I add the url to the collection of searched sites and download all the text and links from the site, given a url and a maxDepth of how many sites from there I want to link to. I want to look through all of the links in the url to find words and links like this one. The issue is that when I try to recursively call the next url, the depth has already reached maxDepth and it stops at only one more page… I hope I stated it well; basically, my question is how do I perform all of the recursive calls and then set self. depth += 1?