Python PygLatin Check


pyg = "ay"

original = raw_input('Enter a word:')

if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
print new_word
print 'empty'

first = original[0]

new_word = original + first.lower() + pyg

I am on the final lesson in the pyg latin section, not really sure why it let me go this far, but I am trying to make my code run properly. Currently it returns my word with the first letter and "ay" in the proper place, but the first letter is capitalized and it still shows up at the beginning of the word so "Please" returns: PleasePay


Picture, Code updated a bit


Let's have a look at this line :slightly_smiling:

Hmm... You put the whole "original" word at the start, add the first letter of the word behind it and then add "ay" to it.
You should know, that you never deleted the first letter of the word original, but copied it to first :frowning:

That's because you never edited the word original itself. :slightly_smiling:
You could try:
original = original.lower()
to actually edit the word :smiley:


For some reason, the moved first letter started lowercasing in the picture, I just need to delete the first letter of the original word now


That's what I was trying to tell you...
I just didn't want to spoiler the solution and only tell you your mistakes that you can learn from them. ^^
You could delete the first letter by looping through each letter of the word and add all letters to a new variable, without the first one.