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Is there a numeric equivalent to ‘.isalpha’ in python 2?

Are you meaning you want to check a string and see if all of its characters are numbers?

.isdigit() should help:

>>> "55".isdigit()
>>> "793".isdigit()
>>> "ab".isidigit()

For more information on it here is the documentation:

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I searched it up and it said .is numeric() but it kept coming up with an error.
I will try this out!
Thank you.

According to the documentation,.isnumeric() is built to work with string objects that are encoded in Unicode:

By default Python 2.7 encodes characters in ASCll, however Unicode, or UTF-8, offers many more characters, so the option exists to designate a string in this format by preceeding quotation marks with a “u”.

>>> str = u"45"
>>> str.isnumeric()

THnak you. I will look through it :slight_smile:

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