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I have a little less than a week before I start doing school again, and I’ve been trying to find a project to do for a couple weeks now. I really want to do something that takes some time because that’s what i have right now, at least to get it started and organize it all, but I also can’t do something insanely hard because I haven’t done any big projects before, so I need it to be something I’m able to understand.
I was thinking about my dilemma, and I figured that this might be a good idea for a topic, because people could share ideas, even if it’s not for me or within the week.
Just wanted to get this out there, and hopefully it benefits other people.
For the conversation: I just want to know if people have ideas for projects, (maybe not even python), but something that’s not extremely difficult like “build AI”, ya know. :slight_smile:

build a website backend? This allows you to use python (flask, pyramid or django) and front-end (html, css, js/jquery), you can do it about anything you like (hobbies, programming)

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what do you mean with app dev?

I am going to look into django’s website later, and mess around with some stuff.
that’s a really good idea.
besides my IDE’s I really don’t use python anywhere, so it’ll be good to do something different with it.

:expressionless: love you too :unamused:

okay, it was just a suggestion.

i am confused, what does this mean?

You could built a simply GUI app with tkinter? Tkinter is a simply GUI framework

@jibblyj, not built a AI :stuck_out_tongue: Building an AI is super difficult.

I meant chatbot. Leave me aloooone!

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I might try this! (in Python)

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Good luck!

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I’ll show you what I come up with. :grin:

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Hi there!

I just wanted to bump up this topic since we released a new Skill Path called Build Chatbots with Python for anyone interested in building either a conversational bot to chat with or a dialog agent (e.g., Siri, Alexa, or Google Home) to help with a particular task :slight_smile: :robot: