Python Projects For Beginners

Hello world, I’m currently learning Python and trying to make a compilation of Python projects that able to share with beginners about what they can do as a beginner with Python after learning the basics of Python.

Are you a beginner? Do you want to share your Python projects you have done to this repository? Anyone can contribute to it.
Repository: GitHub - EugeneGohh/A-compilation-of-python-projects: A compilation of Python projects

Note: I’m also trying to write better (For example, the one who contributes to this repository will get credit to their project in file/brief description about a particular project)

Do you have a specific project or data set that you would like to work on with others (delegating tasks, forking code, etc)?
That would be the best way to pique interest.

Most people have their own repos with specific projects they’ve worked on.

Hi there!

As I am a beginner in learning Python, this compilation of Python projects repo is for beginners who have no idea of what to build using Python (basic knowledge (exp: Control Flow/Function/Loop/List). I have created this repo to show what I can build using Python basic knowledge, while other beginners can contribute to it what they have built.

This repo is aim to light up ideas on most beginners’ mind that you don’t need to wait until you learn finish Python to start building projects while you can make simple projects using Python basics while you’re learning.

For example, there is a project called Coin Flip on Codecademy.

I meant, is there a project that multiple people can work on and also use their Git skills as well and learn how to pair program & work with others.

It’s great that you’ve got repos of your work! Keep going. :partying_face:

I just don’t follow why someone would post their projects to your repos when they can upload them to their own GitHub profile/repos and share the links here or elsewhere.

Happy coding!

Yeah sure, I am open if anyone wants to work on Python projects & improve Git skills together.

As the title stated a compilation of Python projects, which means anyone with Python basic knowledge can contribute to it. Meanwhile, the compilation of Python projects repo can give the project ideas to beginners as what I have said.

This is an example of what I will be making for compilation of Python projects repo: (GitHub - lydiahallie/javascript-questions: A long list of (advanced) JavaScript questions, and their explanations). There is a list of questions regarding JavaScript. For my repo, I will make a list of Python projects beginners can do.

Hopefully, you get what I mean :smile:.