Python Project

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I keep getting an error message on line 141 but it doesn’t appear to be a problem in the syntax and I am not quite sure of the meaning of the message highlighted in red in the right column . Any help would be appreciated and many thanks in advance. :grinning:
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You seem to have made some mistake in an earlier step.
The error message is saying that it can’t convert the string "y" to a float value.

If you complete the earlier steps correctly, then your print statements on lines 135-137 should be printing something like:

// customers
['Edith Mcbride', 'Herbert Tran',  ... , 'Gail Phelps', 'Myrtle Morris']

// sales
['$1.21', '$7.29', '$12.52', ... , '$13.66', '$30.52', '$22.66']

// thread_sold
['white', 'white&blue', 'white&blue', ... , 'green&white&blue', 'green&white&blue']

Your screenshot shows much different output suggesting you have made a mistake somewhere earlier than line 130.