Python Programming


I was about to start a python challenge project and ended up downloading miniconda, python 3 and jupyter as they said it may be necessary. I’m new to coding and I’m not too sure of the purpose of these downloads and I’d appreciate it if someone could clarify this to me, thanks.


Python 3 is incredibly useful to have on your computer if you’re studying python, and jupyter is additionally interesting if you’re into data science with python.

Miniconda is simply a package manager for these.

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I also had trouble downloading Jupyter as I was told to delete and reinstall miniconda numerous times to no avail.

What operating system are you on?

I’m using windows as my operating system

Try following these instructions (if you haven’t already)

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Okay I’ll try this, thank you.

You could also try anaconda but that’s way larger (~3gb)

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