Python or Javascript

Hello there
I am international student from germany who is currently in australia.
I want to do something with coding later in life and hope for a job at apple , google or microsoft. I am 15. I dont know what exactly i want to do. I have finished the javascript introduction at khanacademy and started python here but i can’t do both because i dont have the time. I would also like to do javascript here. Which programming lanugage is better and what can you do in them and yeah would be cool if somebody answers :joy:


If you only have time for one language go with java, it is a good base and you will be able to convert to c, c++, c# easily. Also Google uses python as a standard so learning that would be a good thing.

Also mind you once you learn one language you will be easily able to pick up another. It’s just syntax differences that you have to learn.