Python on an Ipad or PC

I just started the python programming class on my macbook pro. I’m about to travel long-term and need to bring my PC with me for work. But I want to learn programming on a Mac, because the data science program I eventually want to apply for uses Macs. i don’t have space to travel with two laptops so I was thinking about buying a ipad.

I see that code academy isn’t compatible with ipads but using the “desktop version on your browser” might fix that problem. Is that a workable solution or is trying to learn python on a ipad just a bad idea?

Would i be better off just learning python on my PC? Would it be hard to switch to coding python a Mac after learning it on a PC?

Short answer: yes.

Ever so slightly longer answer: it’s a bad idea because professional programmers rarely use mobile devices (such as tablets, excluding laptops), and of course there could be comparability problems when using an iPad.

So if I stick to learning python on the PC is there a steep learning curve when I try to use a Mac?

PC -> Mac is pretty much nothing to learn except keyboard layouts etc.

okay, great .Thanks!

when switching to mac, you should choice the curve. learn the command line on macOS, which gives you a lot of power, its seriously worth it

You can do the lean command line course on codecademy

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