Python OKCudpid Machine Learning: Final Capstone Project

This is my final Capstone project for the Machine Learning class in Python.

I would love hear some feedback, and will be glad to answer questions.

(I think I am supposed to post the links here (?) but please let me know).

I would especially like to hear feedback on how I interpreted the results of the regression and classifier models at the end of the project. I invested months in this one, but I learned a ton.

It feels more like a dissertation than a final project!

I think you will find I exceeded project requirements.

Thanks again,

Robert Pfaff

You should be able to view it here. If not, I have published the Github link below, with the link to my PowerPoint presentation. Thanks so much, everyone. Take care.

Robert Pfaff

Codecademy Capstone Date-A-Scientist Project in Machine Learning (Python)
July 26, 2023

URL to Jupyter Notebook on NB Viewer.

Link to Guthub copy of Jupyter Notebook:

Link to Power Point presentation on Github.

It’s a public repository. Please let me know if you have problems.


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