Python Network Automation Learning Resources (Cisco/Arista)

Hey Guys,

Does anyone have any useful resources for network automation leveraging python for Cisco/Arista? I want to take the next step in my career as a network engineer and automation is that clear next step.

Thanks in advance

Hi @xl-r - Welcome to the community and thanks for asking this question! @peachesmotorsports, do you have any useful resources to share?

Unfortunately, my focus is on software automation. I took the CCNA 16 years ago… and never got certified. After a quick search, I see it’s meant to provision network resources so my initial thought is that this should be done within the router or switch. There might be a piece of software that can manage the devices but at that point, you’ll be confined to that ecosystem. Considering how specific the application is, I don’t see it accepting several coding languages as Selenium does.

Could you write your own managing software in Python? Sure, but it sounds like a big project. Without digging more into it, it looks like Cisco Press would be your resource for knowledge.

If you want to discuss it further, I’d be interested to hear. I’m looking for an interesting project to potentially start my own business.

Can’t speak for Arista, I’ve no experience with their equipment.

Some Cisco gear does have the Python interpreter, which you can either use on the device to interface with the Cisco CLI or you can interface with the device from your workstation using Python and a supported method (e.g. using the REST API for configuration).

If you’ve not already, checking out Cisco’s own developer site might not be a bad starting point:

Here’s the Python resource from Cisco DevNet, which has an overview of what you can do as well as links to some sample code and some explanatory material.