Python - Modulo Question

I am doing the “Learn Python 3” course and I have a question regarding the Modulo section. Our instructions are as follows:


You’re trying to divide a group into four teams. All of you count off, and you get number 27.

Find out your team by computing 27 modulo 4. Save the value to my_team .


Print out my_team . What number team are you on?


Food for thought: what number team are the two people next to you (26 and 28) on? What are the numbers for all 4 teams? (Optional Challenge Question)

I understand that in order to get the number team that person 26 and 28 are, we must do it on modulo form.
number_26 = (26 % 4)
number_28 = (28 % 4)

However, there are 4 teams: 1, 2, 3, and 4. When you run the code of number_28 = (28 % 4) you are left with 0 because 28 is divisible by 4 without having a remainder. In a practical situation, how would this work? Team 0 doesn’t technically exist, right?

Edit: Just adding the code and noticed that really, anybody that belongs in “Team 4” is technically assigned “Team 0” if done with modulo.

# Total of 27 people divided into 4 different teams

my_team = (27 % 4)

print ('My Team')

print (my_team)

# Bonus question

number_26 = (26 % 4)

number_28 = (28 % 4)

print ('Number 26')

print (number_26)

print ('Number 28')

print (number_28)

yes, as you’ve noticed the team numbers would be 0, 1, 2 and 3. (not 1, 2, 3, 4).
It tends to be quite common to find things in coding that are ‘zero-indexed’ (start counting up from 0, as opposed to 1 ), so don’t be surprised to see it come up again.

Have fun


For this exercise, answer the questions as simply as possible. Get the check mark, first, then stay on the page and play with that sandbox.

it is a simple matter using a bit of logic to create teams numbered 1 thru 4…

team_num = player_num % 4 or 4

Thank you very much for the clarification!

Thanks guys for your commets. I was stuck here too and coldn’t undertand the purpose of the exercise. Your conversation really helped me! :grin:

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