Python & Miniconda Installation issue

Hi, I am working my way through the Python course. We have been working on an online interpreter until now. From a previous lesson ( I already installed Python 3.11.1 (64bit). The install was confirmed within cmd (python --version) which returned version etc, and I could run .py files. Same applied to Visual Studio Code which worked perfectly after the install.

Today the lesson on Codecademy was to install Python, Miniconda and Jupyter notebooks Installing Python 3 and Python Packages. Having Python already installed I jumped to Miniconda. Downloaded it and installed with default settings for everyone that uses computer (not only for me - option) as suggested by the install instructions.

After the installation of Miniconda CMD did not understand the command “conda list” (‘conda’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file). I checked Python (python --version) and this only returned an empty line. I can run Python script from CMD but it has to be called without the python call (c:> and not c:> python I can also run scripts in Visual Studio Code without an issue.

My first reaction was to uninstall Miniconda which I did using the uninstall .exe in the Miniconda folder (c:\ProgramData\miniconda3). I then repaired my Python 3.11.1 installation by running its install again, choosing repair. And did a restart.

Back to CMD and still only a blank line outputted when I entered “python --version”.

I have no idea what is going on or where to find help about this. Please can someone help me understand what is going on and how to correct it?

I would also like to know if there are better instructions (written at a noob level) to install Miniconda.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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