Python : Making a username from a list

Hi all. I’m trying to generate a username from a list. It has to be in a pattern where the word comes first then the number and it can only be 1 word and 1 number. How would I go about implementing the wor> then number pattern.

Here is my code so far.

import random
values = ["1221", "Mountain", "322", "Tree", "23", "1665", "Cookie", "Table", "254", "Door"]
n = random.choices(values, k=2)
username = ''.join(map(str, n))


One way: If you want the word to come first you probably have to filter the values list into nums and strings (might want to use a try/except). Then you can call join two separate random calls.

I kind of get how you want to use map but you’re going to have to get clever to if you want it to be text first and still use map.