Hey guys, I’m kinda stuck on the Python 2 madlibs task… every-time I executed ‘python’ it worked and loaded up the word game although there where some errors. Now that I’ve fixed all the errors and I’ve gone over the script multiple times, every-time I try to execute on the console all I get is

SyntaxError: invalid syntax
^C python
File “”, line 47

Would deeply appreciate some help because I cant move on until its done!

Did you check that line, or the one above it?

As @mtf said, often syntax errors will occur on the line below the actual problem. Consider the following code:

some_var = raw_input(">>"
print some_var

Now, I get a syntax error on line 2:

File "", line 2
    print some_var
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

However, the actual error is on line 1.