Python madlibs project

Hi, i stuck in python2. part2. python madlibs project
here is my codes but i can’t run it.
please HELP

This program generates passages that are generated in mad-lib format
Author: atefeh

The template for the story

STORY = “This morning %s woke up feeling %s. ‘It is going to be a %s day!’ Outside, a bunch of %Ss were protesting to keep %s in stores. They began to %s to the rhythm of the %s, which made all the %ss very %s. Concerned, %s texted %s, who flew %s to %s and dropped %s in a puddle of frozen %s. %s woke up in the year %s, in a world where %ss ruled the world.”

print “Mad Libs is starting!”
name = raw_input("Enter a name: ")
adj1 = raw_input("Enter an adjective: ")
adj2 = raw_input("Enter a second adjective: ")
adj3 = raw_input("Enter one more adjective: ")

verb = raw_input("Enter a verb: ")
noun1 = raw_input("Enter a noun: ")
noun2 = raw_input("Enter a second noun: ")
animal = raw_input("Enter an animal: ")
food = raw_input("Enter a food: ")
fruit = raw_input("Enter a fruit: ")
superhero = raw_input("Enter a superhero: ")
country = raw_input("Enter a country: ")
dessert = raw_input("Enter a dessert: ")
year = raw_input("Enter a year: ")

print STORY % (name, adj1, adj2, animal, food, verb, noun1, fruit, adj3, name, superhero, name, country, name, dessert, name, year, noun2)


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