Python Loop Challenges

So i’ve been working my way through the Python course - In fact i started again when i got to loops as i got little lost and thought that going through what i’d already learned would help - and it did!

But ive reached the part i got stumped at the first time which is the list challenges - i look at each one and i kind of understand what i need to do but don’t really have the knowledge to get it to produce the correct answer - I usually end up viewing the solution and then study to see how it does what it does -

i’ve found the whole loops bit quite challenging tbh - don’t know whether it’s just how it’s written or whether its me being of little brain

So should i just plough on - or should i study these further? - it’ll get to the point where i just learn the solution - which isn’t really doing more than a monkey could -

A similar thing happened to me. I’m on the DS path and they added new material, so, I decided to go back over the new lessons in the modules.
I think it’s good to go back over the newer stuff. Adding to one’s knowledge base is never a bad thing. :slight_smile: I say stick with it, keep learning, taking notes, tweaking the code examples so you understand the concepts presented.


Learning to use loops is important so it’s not something you can just skip over but it’s one of those things that makes sense to computers but comes across as a little odd to people. It might not be easy to understanding programming logic but if you stick with it then it will be worthwhile.

Try a few simpler challenges at first and make sure you understand each and every step, if there’s a bit you don’t understand play around with it until you do (change numbers, remove or add lines and get some feedback with print or similar). Whilst large chunks of code can be daunting the order is always there, just make sure each line makes complete sense. Sometimes going through with a pen and paper is more effective than code when the code itself looks like gobbledegook.

Websites like can also be helpful as they let you walk through your code step by step. Worth trying it out with a few loops to see if your own logic matches up to what the program is doing.

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