Python libraries importing error

i have installed miniconda3 as per instructions within data science capstone project and trying to completed ‘date-a-scientist’ project…
When i try importing pandas and other libraries within jupyter notebook, i get an error that no such file located etc…

** how to run files with ‘py’ extension… i have file ‘’ listed within capstone project folder but when i click it nothing happens…!! do i need to unzip the capstone project within same folder as for miniconda3?

please advise how to resolve it… thanks…

I don’t have miniconda loaded on my computer, but I do hear a lot of complaints like this.
If you are importing from the console can you show me the code you typed?

You can also download panda directly to your computer and not have to go through miniconda

I believe all zipped files have to be unzipped before the computer can use them.

no i meant unzipping in the same folder where miniconda3 files are… thanks…

another question …how to save jupyter files so than one can open it at a later date… when i click save as it just shows on command prompt…

Do you use miniconda’s prompt (i’m not sure if it has one) or standard windows/linux console ? Whatever you use type “pip list” and see if there is pandas. If not you might need to install it. In order to run python files type in command line: “python” --> you might get error if your enviroment don’t have all the packages you imported.

You can also try “conda list”


It sounds like you don’t have Pandas installed. Remember that Miniconda is an extremely stripped back version of Anaconda and only comes pre-packaged with what is necessary for it to run. This means that you will probably have to manually install every package you plan on using in your project prior to using them in your notebook (NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, etc.) — at least the first time you use that package in a conda environment.

As @web1861395649 suggested, you can check whether you have Pandas already installed by typing conda list in the console. If it’s not installed, type conda install pandas and you should be good to go (assuming you already installed jupyter notebooks as well).

Just out of curiosity, is this your first time working through a project locally? If so, it might be worth considering starting out with an easier project to get a feel for how it all works on your own computer before jumping straight to the final machine learning capstone in the Data Science path.

Hope these suggestions help. Good luck!

Whoops, @8-bitgaming, looks like you linked to Panda3D instead of Pandas (the data analysis library).

The documentation for Pandas can be found here:

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Oops, thanks for correcting my mistake. I misread the post and was thinking of the wrong program.

i installed anaconda full package…but even then from command line i had to run:

conda run pandas
conda run matplotlib
pip run scikit …

i guess that was the step i had to run from within miniconda as well…

i am facing similar issue with spark when i try running ‘pyspark’ …otherwise pyspark is listing directories etc ok…
any clues?

that souds spot on…many thanks…

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