Python lessons stuck with loading animation


I’m following the Python course and it was working fine. Exercise 16 in battleships stopped working so I refreshed the page and now it’s stuck on a loading screen. All other python tutorials are stuck on the loading screen too now. The code has loaded in the background however, I just can’t click or type anything.

Other lessons (e.g. HTML) appear to be working fine still.

I’m using the latest Safari browser on a Mac

Thank you

Can’t really do anything for you but say what I usually do which is to switch things out.

Obviously you might prefer to use your current browser, but I’d try chrome/firefox (assuming they run on mac) which would at least tell you if it’s something your browser is doing, or not. If it’s not the browser then it could be some kind of firewall, my go-to for getting around those is to use the tor network, if you have access to other proxies they might do the trick as well. So by trying those two things, you’ve switched out both browser and network, I think that covers it, Unless of course it’s caused by some system library …uhh I guess I would try to access it through some other computer by remote access, but you might not have any of those available and it seems unlikely anyhow.