Python Lesson Update

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I just thought that an update to the whole python learning lesson on codeacademy might want to be updated because in the newest versions of python (Python 3.5):

  1. Print now requires parentheses
    Old: print “Hi”
    New: print (“Hi”)

  2. raw_input is not longer useable, it is replaced by just input
    Old: name = raw_input(“What’s your name?”)
    New: name = input(“What’s your name?”)

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Hi, @micromaster96976 ,

In fact, the Python community is looking forward to Python version 3.6.0. See Python Insider: Python 3.6.0 release candidate 2 is now available.

We hope to see Codecademy offering Python 3 early in 2017. See Important Changes to Codecademy Courses.

Q1 2017 — Learn Python new course release


Thanks! I am disappointed that my progress will be lost, but I am glad it will be updated! I am looking forward to that in 2017! I am newish to this site and I am loving how fun it is to use! :smiley:

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