Python lesson occurs wrong answer


when i learn and/or this section, does 1**2<2**0? 1**2 is 1 and 2**0 is 1. so the real answer is false


1 (one) is often referred to in mathematics as, unity owing that it has so many unique properties; for instance,

Where x is any Real Number

  1. 1 times x is always equal to x.
  2. x divided by 1 is always x.
  3. x divided by x is always 1
  4. 1 to the power of x is always 1.
  5. x to the power of zero is always 1.

... and the list could go on.

You are right in your analysis, provided that is the actual question. Please link to the exercise (when asking questions or pointing our typos, etc.) Thanks.


sorry, i was wrong. I misread the question. there is "-" before expression.


Ah, well that would explain it. Good job it was discoverd.


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