Python lesson not working


Hello, has anyone experienced infinity loading on Python lessons? I've been trying to start Python lessons, but i keep having this loading thing that I can not proceed to the next lecture. What could be the cause of this?

See screen shot


Just loaded the page with no problem (FF), though it did take a moment. Nothing to suggest beyond refresh, or try another browser. In some instances we are forced juggle.


I have tried another browser, same thing. I had left it like that all through the night and still yet, not headway.


CC has been rolling out some upgrades that may be affecting the interface. Can't say for sure what course of action to take. Sorry.


Thanks a lot @mtf I really appreciate your concern. I hope they fix it soon.


Hey, the same problem, a bit more info on that:

composer_controller-75d9b4e….js:1 GET net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE
Mac os, chrome


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