Python: Jupyter Notebook assignments - anyone ever do them?

Python for beginners course:
There are several assignments that involve Jupyter Notebooks. I’m wondering if anyone ever does them because I was trying to report an error I encountered in Coded Correspondence exercise and the customer support rep kept asking me for a link to the problem, which - if you know Jupyter Notebooks - there are no links as it’s downloaded to your computer. After trying to explain several times the errors in the problem itself of the given example for encryption, I gave up. Today I’m doing the Abruptly Goblins Planner and I see that I’ve done everything like the solutions file has recorded, but I’m still getting an error. Just for fun, I went to the solutions page and tried to run cell #15 which is where you call one of the functions (where I was getting an error) and lo and behold I see that they ALSO are getting an error! Wow. Does ANYONE look over these? Or does anyone even do them if I’m the only one who is finding problems with these?

Apparently I can only add one screenshot per post as a new user but hopefully I added enough data to figure out where the second problem lies…

  • Link to the lesson you have a question about?
  • what is the error message you’re receiving in the notebook?

if there is a bug in the course, you can submit a detailed report here: