Python Institute Lab

I’m currently sitting through the Python’s Institute “Python Essentials” and I’m struggling with creating the formulas to work through the Lab for evaluating the end time of a period of time. I was successful in getting things to work correctly, however there was a hint in the Scenario that mentioned using the Remainder operator to help figure things out.

Basically, the instruction set was prompt the user for start hour, start minute and duration and then execute math to say at what time the duration would end. I’m struggling with the formula side of things to make this happen. I’ve used some if statements, however TECHNICALLY, we haven’t learned the if statement yet in this training. Any suggestions anyone has, please send them my way. Thanks!

We don’t give out answers for school courses or tests on the forums. We also for the most part answer questions about Codecademy content here.

If you have some code to post along with what you’ve tried, error messages, and what’s got you stuck, post here.

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