Python in data Science

I finished 19% of the Data Science path and I feel I forgot what I have learned in Python. Is that normal? How can we make what we learned stick in our brains so that I don’t need to go back and forth to the syntax?

I can understand the feeling of forgetting something, I feel the same way.

To help myself, after each section you complete in Python Fundamentals there is a Pratice Pack for each section (which I do once a day and a random section to help myself - just to jog my memory).

Also I’ve discovered it helps to write a few simple programs just to jog my memory. I struggled with remembering if/elif statements, so I wrote a function where you decide what to do when it’s cold outside and the weekend. I needed help with loops, so I wrote a program that adds the combinations for that sweet special move for a street fighter character.


It might also help if you take notes while you’re studying. Or, maybe copy some code from the lessons and put it in a Colab Notebook (or Jupyter Notebook) and run it to see how it works. You can then tweak it to break it or change it that way too.

Like you could have separate notebooks for lists, strings, functions, dictionaries all with several examples that you could refer back to.

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