Python if statment won't run properly

I’m trying to create an if statement in Python with a list. However, instead of following the if statement, the program returns what I type. What should I do?
Here is my code:
Please enter a number:
1= Add/Update a contact
2= Display all contacts
3= Search
4= Delete contact
5= Quit
address_book={“Krisha":"” , “Sarah”:“555-555-5555”}
action_selected= True
action=print(input(“Please type a number one to five:”))
if (action==1):
next_step= input(“Do you want to add a contact of update one? Please enter ‘add’ or ‘update’”)
if next_step== “add”:
name=input(“Enter the contact name:”)
contact_to_add=input(“Please enter their contact:”)
address_book[name]= address
print(“Contact added successfully”)
update_name= input(“Whose contact do you want to update?”)
new_contact= input(“What is their new contact?”)
address_book[update_name]= new_contact
print(“Contact updated successfully”)
if (action==‘two’):
if action==3:
search_for= input(“Please enter whose contact you want to search for:”)
if action==4:
delete= input(“Whos contact do you want to delete?”)
print(“Contact deleted successfully!”)
if action==5:
print(“Thank you for using the address book!”)

We cannot assign print() and expect anything other than None. The input() prompt will print as expected.