Python homework

Hello there, I’d like to ask for some help with my python homework:

Define a list containing integer or float values. Define a python function called math_func solving a mathematic function (square or cubic by choice, i.e. y = x**2 + x + 5, where x is an input parameter and y is the returned value). Using list comprehension create a second list containing the results for calling math_func for each of the values in the first list. From the values in the two lists create and show a plot using pylab.

What do you need help with? We can help you, but won’t code the solution for you

I’ve written the first list with integers, the math_func and now I need help with the second list

are you going to share what you have so far?

Do i need to explain something about list comprehension? Have you tried writing a normal for loop and then trying to convert that to list comprehension?

import math

v = [1, 3, 7, 4, 8, 5]

def math_func(x):
y = x**2 + x + 5
return y

I tried something like this aswell but i think it doesn’t work:


that is not list comprehension, this is:

a = [x for x in range(11)]

its a comprehension to create a list. If i had to write the above code without the comprehension we would get:

a = []
for x in range(11):

the first x of the list comprehension is what you are append to list (.append(x) in the second example)

as you can see, list comprehension allows us to make a new list with less code. Have you tried to google:

python list comprehension

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Yeah, I’ve seen that example for list comprehension, but I just don’t know how to make it use the return from the math_func

you should have said that from the beginning. Making better questions will most likely result in getting better answers.

return is literally that, we can get values back from the function:

v = [1, 3, 7, 4, 8, 5]

def math_func(x):
    y = x**2 + x + 5
    return y

result = math_func(v[0])
print result # or print(result)
# depending on python version

give the function hands back a value, we can use it in list comprehension to append values to list.

Oh yeah I see now, so how it’s going to look for all of the values of the list v, because i think for the homework i should use all of them, right?

I have to leave something for you to do, how do you think this could be achieved?

You could try to do this first:

a = []
for x in range(11):

and then convert the code to list comprehension.

this could me made by using any counter like i for example, to fill the list with all the elements of v

But as i try it doesn’t work

please show me what you tried, otherwise i have to guess what you tried which is really difficult :wink:

i would loop over the list, to ensure you have all elements. And then append the result of calling math_func to list

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