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Can anyone help me get past this step:

what directory are you currently in? Can you show a screenshot with current working directory? cwd is the command your looking for

You completed the navigition step, but i am unsurei f you are in the right directory at the moment

i haven’t see you attempted step 2, which is to create a file?

i am unsure, how this is related to python at all

here is a screenshot, I think it’s the directory:

this is confusing, in the first screenshot, the first checkpoint is checked, in the second screenshot its not. You travelled back in time?

Which step of this exercise are you stuck at?

the navigation (step 1 of this exercise) needs to be done in one go, with the path provided by the instructions

ok, it’s confusing for me to because I’ve only been doing this for 3 weeks. I follow all the directions and do what it is asking me to do, which I am assuming is create a directory (see attached screen shot) and then at the step 6, I follow the directions again, and it won’t let me proceed to the next step.

You are at exercise 6, step 1. The steps are the check boxes within a lesson

you need to navigate from the right to the right directory, with the path provided by the exercise.

thanks I’ll give it a shot: yeup, I’m stuck on the first step:

I’m not sure you mean by navigate to the “right to the right” directory:

given you use a relative path for navigation, you need to ensure you are in the right directory start with

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