Python has been broken for 3 months!


if you know why please reply i am using firefox.


Firefox doesn't support most of Codecademy well, try using IE or Chrome, they are much better browsers and work well with many more websites than Firefox will.


for some reason chrome doesn't want to log in even tho i am inputting right info :cry:


i even looked at my saved passwords on FF as well!


try internet explorer, i dont really know why it wont let you login, thats weird....


I too am having problems with Python learning. I am on lesson 2 variables. When I load the page I always see the loading wheel and it never loads properly. I have tried FireFox, chrome, IE and Safari on an iphone and all of them respond the same. I am only able to enter text when the page first loads (but if I click somewhere in the code window I have to reload the page to type) but I cannot submit the code as the loading error also stops me from clicking on save and submit or reset. Both of these button are "grayed" out. I cannot use your service because of this.