Python Functions: Medical Insurance Project, Step 13

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I’m stuck on Python Function Medical Insurance Project!!! need help!

Here is my question!

    • Modify the calculate_insurance_cost() function so that it returns two values – the output message and the estimated cost.
      Q: I didn’t understand the question at all.
    • Create a second function to calculate the difference between the insurance costs (given as inputs) of any two individuals and print a statement saying: "The difference in insurance cost is xxx dollars."
      Q: Have no idea How to do this.

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Can you please include a link to the lesson/project?
Also, please post any code that you have written.

Hi Thank You very much!

Here is the link for the lesson,

I finished first 12 steps, no stuck on last extra step, I did not understand the question and didn’t write any code for the last step

I think this last question has caused some confusion amongst a lot of ppl (myself included. I had to read it a couple times)…mostly b/c the first bullet point has already been completed in the questions prior to it.
But, the second bullet point is asking you to write a function with for example, two parameters, cost_1 & cost_2 that calculates the difference and then to print() the statement given.
So, when you pass through Maria’s or Omar’s or anyone else’s insurance cost as an argument when you call the function print(diff_ins_cost(lisa_ins_cost, maria_insurance_cost)) it will print out “The difference in insurance cost is ____ dollars.”

Hint: if you search the forums you might find some examples of code for this.

Dear lisa

Thank you very much for your help, I will try again to make sense of the question.

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