Python Functions: Medical Insurance Project (EXTRA: insurance cost difference)

Hi fellow coders. I have a question about the Extra assignment from Python functions/Medical Insurance Project ( As you can see in the code below, the estimations of Maria’s, Omar’s and my insurance cost are being printed onto the output window as they should, however, I do not understand why def calculate_costdifference does not print anything onto the output window. Where is the mistake I made? I am a beginner and I cannot find my mistake. I’d appreciate it if someone could help out.

Create calculate_insurance_cost() function below:

def calculate_insurance_cost(name,age,sex,bmi,num_of_children,smoker):
estimated_cost = 250age - 128sex + 370bmi + 425num_of_children + 24000*smoker - 12500

return estimated_cost, print(“The estimated insurance cost for " + name + " is " + str(estimated_cost) + " dollars.”)

Estimate Maria’s insurance cost

maria_insurance_cost = calculate_insurance_cost(name = “Maria”,age = 28, sex = 0, bmi = 26.2, num_of_children = 3, smoker = 0)

Estimate Omar’s insurance cost

Omar_insurance_cost = calculate_insurance_cost(name = “Omar”,age = 35, sex = 1, bmi = 22.2, num_of_children = 0, smoker = 1)

#Estimate my insurance cost
my_insurance_cost =calculate_insurance_cost(name =“Me”, age = 27, sex = 0, bmi = 25.7, num_of_children = 0, smoker = 0)

def calculate_costdifference(my_insurance_cost, Omar_insurance_cost):
cost_difference = Omar_insurance_cost - my_insurance_cost
return cost_difference, print(“The difference in insurance cost is " + str(difference_insurance_cost) + " dollars”)

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It’s quite difficult to read without formatting, could you please check the following FAQ which covers how to format code for the forums amongst other things.

I can see a definition of a function but I can’t see the function itself being called. Remember to tell the computer exactly what you want to run and when.

I’d also suggest you shy away from adding print functions to your return statements. If you must print from your function consider doing so on the line before your return.

Okay, ehm… but how can I adjust my question? I don’t understand that

You can edit a post but only within a short period of time which would’ve passed by now. If you’re still stuck then you could just add it as a reply but please keep formatting in mind for any future posts. It really does help anyone who reads the code and tries to help.

I don’t believe this is the same project, there are an unfortunate number of projects that all have a medical insurance in the title so just double check before adding queries. I think yours would be the portfolio project instead?

As for the code your definition seems reasonable. Your error code mentions IPython so I’d hazard a guess that you’ve altered the text of your class but not executed that class definition again (the current state of your program probably has an older definition of ReadInsurance). Make sure you run the code for that class definition when you edit it.

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