Python, function, 17, SCT Error?



a function ends the moment a return keyword is reached, so why would you return shut_down? it means the if/elif/else clause is never reached


well im stuck here from yesterday, and i tried alot of diffrent codes every time i have an erorr, so i started to look for other people who had this problem and thats the last thing they worte was right and worked but in my case the showed me this error,

any way i removed return shut_down, and now it worked,

can you please explain me what SCT stands for??

thanks alot


SCT = submission correctness test, its the validation codecademy uses. It means there is an error, and SCT isn’t sure where the error is


thanks alot
im new in this, i am actully a Doctor who thinks about career shiftting


Hi, am also receiving the SCT error, using firefox, was working fine all morning until now. Tried reloading etc but error persists. Saw this was resolved in another closed off post, would this require the same fix?