Python Full Stack Developer

Hello Codecademy users!

I have an issue and I don’t know where to seek help. My problem is related to what path to follow. I would like to become a Full Stack Developer in Python using Django as a web framework. I use Codecademy to learn everything, although Django is not available, I am sure I can find a course for it somewhere else.

If I start with the Web Development path, I suppose I have to learn everything from 01. Learn HTML to 10. Building Front-end Applications with React, but excluding what follows after this course. Am I wrong?

Also, I am enrolled in the Computer Science path and so far I am at 07. Linear Data Structures course, but I find these things with nodes, linked lists, stacks, etc. very complicated and I don’t see how these are useful in Python for web development. I know there are important in programming languages like C++ when you build complex software applications and games, but do you need them for web applications? Python’s built-in data structures like lists, dictionaries, tuples and sets seems enough for me.

I would appreciate if someone in the industry could help me with advice. Thank you!