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I am not able to ask another question in the Python Forum.

Im not sure why. I have hit a snag on some directions that seem not to have a ‘hint’ associated with it. Which seems to happen quite a bit when I’m the learning platform. Also any ideas for how to come about the correct answer and move forward would be helpful. My personal goal is to get this learning track complete before the end of the week!

Im stuck on Learn Python: Functions, lesson 5.2: parameters.


A function with no formal parameter:

def foo():

A function with one formal parameter:

def bar(param):

A function with two parameters:

def foobar(a, b):

A function with indeterminate number of parameters:

def func(*args):

The last may come up later in the course, but can be ignored for now.


Thank you.

Im sure that I’ll be referencing this comment in the future.