Python for Data Science - Analyze Electric Vehicle Stations with Python

I’m confused on Tasks 12 and 13 from

12. While we can’t be sure that this trend continues, it certainly looks as if publicly-owned (government/utility) stations are less common than privately owned (which we saw in Task 6).

Let’s compare privately- and publicly-owned stations. Create a Boolean mask that is True for each row of public_electric where owner is private.

I thought that public_electric already filtered out all stations with ‘owner’ /= ‘public’, since it included the Boolean mask of is_public. Why would I use the public_electric Boolean mask to find where ‘owner’ is ‘private’?

Way late to the conversation, but the answer here is that the original boolean mask is for the access column, not the owner column. It’s confusing because “private” is an option in both columns. Hope that helps (if not you, than anyone else with this question!).