Python For Data Analysis course: Orion constellation project and Capstone Project


Has anyone else done the Python For Data Analysis course?

I need a walk-through video start to finish for the Orion constellation project on the Python for Data Analyst course and also the Capstone Project: MuscleHub A/B Test (another off-line project with no help offered).

I know, as a developer, that much searching, practicing and learning is required to get in this field but also please acknowledge that before I decided to purchase this course I asked Codecademy ten questions which was post to help me to decide to whether this course was for me or not.

Their team had told me it would take me ten weeks to do this course, this is important because I need to be applying for a Data Analyst apprenticeship very soon.

If I have to search around, step by step, it will take forever for me to complete these projects, well exceeding ten weeks.

Please understand the only purpose this course was meant to have was to help me to decide what apprenticeship I want to apply for, whether that was Software or Data apprenticeship. Please understand that I have already spent the last three years training up for this apprenticeship whilst completing IT level 2, SQL, C#, projects using Javascript and I passed a touch-typing test aiming 47 WPM.

At this rate though, this course is damaging my plans due to the lack of support, preventing me from applying for an apprenticeship at the desirable time, meaning I would have to wait for next year before applying. The stress this is putting on me is under in-measureable.

There just seems to bits of information all over the place and it’s not helping, I am totally overwhelmed.

Please help


Craig V