Python for Cyber Security

I work in the cyber security space… Was wondering if someone could share use cases and experience in using Python in a SOC environment… My understanding from research is that most Python 2.7 is much suited for security rather than Python 3. If someone could also throw some light into this, would be great…

python2 has reached EOL (end of life), so will not get security updates… how is it a good idea to use pieces of software which are outdated in a SOC environment?

Same language, the distinction doesn’t really make much sense, it’s not one or the other.
Most libraries should have moved on from python2 by now, but if not then I doubt it’d be much of a big deal to you. The question would be better directed at such a library or somebody that uses them. Also make sure the information isn’t outdated, 5 years ago that would have been reasonable, not so much today.

No, the language version is not more suited, the difference would be whether the libraries you’re using are available.

There’s swathes of code designed for just that on GitHub…