Python Final - Shakespeare Poem Generator


Hey all- for my final project I decided to create a poem generator that scrapes Sonnets 1-154 of William Shakespeare from literaturepage dot com and generated them into a new poem.

You can find the project here

on github.


Rise resty muse my love’s sweet

face survey if time have any

wrinkle graven there if any be a

satire to decay and make time’s

spoils despised every where give my

love fame faster than time wastes

life so thou prevent’st his scythe

and crooked knife where art thou

muse that thou forget’st so long to

speak of that which gives thee all

thy might spend’st thou thy fury on

some worthless song darkening thy

power to lend base subjects light

return forgetful muse and straight

redeem in gentle numbers time so

idly spent sing to the ear that doth

Please let me know if you have any feedback!