Python Final Project - Galaxy (game)

Galaxy.txt (64.8 KB)
I just finished making my first, large project on Python - I decided to make a game instead of the suggested final project in the Python course. I figured I’d post it here!

A couple things:

  1. It’s all text-based (this probably goes without saying)
  2. The user interface is not as intuitive as it could be, but at a certain point I just decided to keep it the way it was (It’s just a learning project, afterall)
  3. You need the “termcolor” module for it to run
  4. It works on Mac Terminal. It works so far in Ubuntu, but the “blink” feature doesn’t work, so that makes it a bit more difficult to see your ships

Try it out, let me know any advice / comments / what you think!

I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


impressive indeed! It is such a detailed, lengthy, and well thought out code! Great job! I really like the game idea too. Reminds me of the concept from the strategy game Stellaris was built on by my favorite game company Paradox Interactive.

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absolutely brilliant, that must haven taken you a while. Impressive to code such a large project :slight_smile:

since termcolor is not a standard module i would use a try and except:

    from termcolor import colored, cprint
except ImportError:
   print "instructions about installation maybe?"

you could use .format(), it allows for great positioning of text in a cleaner way:

Not to take credit away of this amazing project, but you said feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Great idea to use .format()! I could have formatted things much more easily that way, instead of using if-statements to see if strings were longer than a certain amount… next time, definitely. Thanks for the tip!

No problem, glad i could help, a really impressive project you build :slight_smile:

Great work Kevin, thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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Really Impressive!
How much time did it take to write the entire code??