Python file won't run in Codecademy workspace

Hi, I’m trying to write a very simple random generator to choose between three movie suggestions.

This is my code:

import random

chosen_movie = random.randint(1,3)

if chosen_movie == 1:
elif chosen_movie == 2:
    print("Wien retour")
elif chosen_movie == 3:
    print("Petit Maman")

I originally wanted to use the Codecademy workspace for this, but got this error:

"python3: can't open file 'random': [Errno 2] No such file or directory"

The code runs fine (as far as I can tell lol) in VScode and on a random online python compiler I googled quickly, though.

I’ve tried googling and searching the forum but haven’t found an explanation (at least not one I understand), so could anybody help me out what seems to be the problem here? Apologies if this has been asked before.

Thank you so much!


I’ve also tried running your code in a Codecademy workspace and it works just fine, without any sign of that error which is a little odd if it did not work for you, would you mind sharing a link to the workspace please?

Here you go:

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So I’ve tested that with a couple different filenames (see my workspace for it here: and I believe it’s caused by having random and spaces in the filename, since imports can be used to import files not just modules, so that name is causing a conflict, try renaming it to something else or (even better) add _ instead of spaces into the filename, as you generally don’t want to have spaces in paths :slight_smile:

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Aaaah thank you changing the name seems to be the solution! Thank you for the swift answer! I’ll try to remember this for the future :slight_smile:

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