Python error

Hello everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend!
I have a trouble with this work. The output doesn’t make send when I apply the value.
Any help is great. Thank you so much!

On something like this it is often simpler if we abstract away the simple functions.

from math import pi

def get_number():
  while True:
      return int(input("Enter a number: "))
    except ValueError:
      print ("Invalid input. Try again...")

def square():
    print ("Length of a side...")
    n = get_number()
    return "Square with side length {} has a perimeter of {} \
and an area of {}.".format(n, 4 * n, n ** 2)

def circle():
    print ("Length of radius...")
    r = get_number()
    return "Circle with radius length {} has a circumferance of {:f} \
and an area of {:f}.".format(r, 2 * pi * r, pi * r ** 2)

print (square())
print (circle())
Length of a side...
Enter a number:  5
Square with side length 5 has a perimeter of 20 and an area of 25.
Length of radius...
Enter a number:  5
Circle with radius length 5 has a circumferance of 31.415927 and an area of 78.539816.

That’s three functions out of the way. You could fashion one to accept textual input, but if you are using numbers for menu items, then use get_number and test the value on return. Just as get_number uses an infinite loop, yours could also for this purpose.

Once you have lightened the load of your main program, the rest should fall into place.

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