Python Editor Won't Refresh

Doing the free Learn Python, starting at beginning. Whenever I complete an exercise and push next, it goes to the next instruction set but the editor ( does not update. Rather, it just brings over my previous “code” that I worked on the previous exercise.

I have to refresh the entire web page every time and then it updates the editor. A lot of times it is having me make edits to stuff that Codecademy provides partially finished so it is little annoying.

Sorry if already addressed. I’m using Microsoft Edge.

What happens if your try using a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox?

Yup, Chrome works…so guessing that’s an Edge issue…thanks for tip

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As @mtf said browser was the problem because chrome is codecademy’s preferred browser but it supports mozilla too. You could also reset exercise which worked 10/10 for me when it did this with me too just to know