Python Drama Script (This would be fun to act out)

Just a fun little adventure script.

print "People: Krid Lerax (Tournament Fighter (Won Last Tournament)), Sherad  Ckronax (High Empress Jaerona's Advisor) and Kung Fu (Master of Kung Fu) Jaerona Hectara (High Empress)"
print "Krid Lerax: I know Kung Fu."
print "Sherad Ckronax: Show me."
print "Kung Fu: Hello"
print "Sherad Ckronax: Wow, hi."
print "Kung Fu: It's an honor to meet you. *Drops into a bow*"
print "Sherad Ckronax: Rise, Kung Fu. *Whispers* Do you wish to fulfill your prophecy?"
print "Kung Fu: *Whispers* Yes, I would."
print "Krid Lerax: What are you talking about?"
print "Kung Fu and Sherad Ckronax: Nothing."
print "Krid Lerax: I know you two are up to something. Anyways, later!!"
print "Sherad Ckronax: I\'ll talk later. Bye"
print "Kung Fu: \'Kay bye!"
print "Kung Fu: Hey Sherad. *Drop into a bow*"
print "Sherad Ckronax: Rise. Whats\'s up?"
print "Kung Fu: Krid was talkiong to High Empress Jaerona."
print "Sherad Ckronax: That slimy ■■■■■■■!!!"
print "Kung Fu: Whoa whoa whoa, watch your language."
print "Sherad Ckronax: But he told me he was on my team against the High Empress."
print "A gruff voice behind them: I am."
print "Kung Fu and Sherad Ckronax: Ahhhh."
print "Sherad Ckronax: When did you get here."
print "Kird Lerax: Not too long ago."
print "Kung Fu: Are you on our side. If so, what were you doing with the High Empress?"
print "Krid Lerax: Poisoning her drink. My poison isn\'t strong enough and it won\'t kill but will make her weak and sickly."
print "Krid Lerax: Gotta go.  Buh Bye"
print "Jaerona Hectara: Sherad!!! Get in here, I need your help!!"
print "Sherad Ckronax: Coming! *Whispers* Gotta go. Bye."

Run the code, It makes it easier to see.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!

More may be added later.